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R, Python and Julia: do you know them all? - 2nd edition 2024

 R, Python and Julia:

do you know them all?
Course LeaderChristian Kauth
Target GroupStatistical production units and methodologists of NSIs, having an interest in data science tools and a basic understanding of development.
Entry Qualifications
  • Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions

This course will enable you to pick your next top data-science programming language

  • Know the characteristics of R, Python, Julia
  • Understand the advantages of each language for different use-cases
  • Ability read and modify a small program in each language
  • R, Python, Julia language, environment and tools
  • Use-case specific comparisons (library maturity, community, speed, production)
  • Implementation demo in each language of one same use-case that fetches, analyses and visualizes Eurostat data
  • Demo of machine & deep learning use-case in each language
Expected OutcomeThe participants will know the main characteristics of each language and understand their respective advantages. They will know the common tools and are able to read and modify a small provided data-science related code.
Training Methods
  • Presentations lectures (80%)
  • Exercises (20%)
Required ReadingNone
Suggested ReadingNone
Required Preparation

Christian Kauth (Independent expert)


2nd Edition


Practical Information    
WhenDurationWhereOrganiserApplication  via National Contact Point
16, 18, 20.09.20243 sessions, 2h eachONLINEICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbHDeadline: 05.08.2024