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Planning and producing simple statistical products to improve statistical literacy for a wide audience - 2024

Planning and producing simple statistical products to improve statistical literacy for a wide audience 
Course LeaderThomas Ruigrok
Target GroupStaff drafting /writing statistical texts and articles for publications, the web or any other type of product. Staff working in the communication/dissemination/press departments with the role of promoting the widest possible dissemination and use of official statistics.
Entry Qualifications
  • Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions
Objective(s)The content produced by a statistical organisation is essentially facts and figures. This course will explain how you can translate it to a more understandable and simple way and reach everybody outside the statistical world. Writing in a clear, concise and simple manner while avoiding statistical jargon
  • How to write a simple text, understandable for a wide audience with limited knowledge of statistics based on the figures that your organisation produces
  • You will learn how to produce your organisation’s content in a platform-independent and simple newsworthy way, ensuring that a wide audience understands statistical content. This will be done using content produced by CBS
  • How do I write an attractive headline which explains the statistical text in a nutshell
  • Learn how to plan statistical news far in advance
  • You will learn about the various means of content visualisation (infographic, video, animation, etc.)
  • How can we involve social media in dissemination of statistics in a simple way
  • Role of spokesperson
Expected OutcomeParticipants will have more knowledge of how to design and write texts about official statistics addressed to a wide audience in a way that everybody reading understands statistics.
Training Methods
  • Presentations with lively examples
  • Exchange of views/experiences on national practices
  • Exercises
  • Tour on the Floor and Studio
Required ReadingNone
Suggested ReadingNone
Required PreparationNone

Thomas Ruigrok (Course leader)



Practical Information    
WhenDurationWhereOrganiserAPPLICATION VIA National Contact Point
12–13.06.20242 daysThe Hague, Netherlands


Public Sector GmbH

Deadline: 15.04.2024