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Large Cases Units (LCUs)


 hands on cases & LCU setup

Course Leader

LCU Consortium 

Target Group

Countries with developed interests in setting up/further development in an LCU and consistency in general. 

Maximum number of participants (25-30). Reason: case based learning in small groups on 2 day.

Entry Qualifications
  • Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions

  • Sound understanding of business statistics and or national accounts, with an understanding of or interest in consistency problems between sources.
  • Participants have to deal with information provided by MNE’s, or are contacts of an MNE (university education level), or are confronted with problems which exist in data provided by MNE’s.
  • Sound understanding of the basic setup of an LCU.
  • In depth, hands on cases training based on real world (globalization) issues encountered by LCU members.





  • Set up of consistency rules; a description of the logical way forward when you develop rules to be applied in consistency checks

Examples of consortium countries


  • Set up of software and experimenting with an anonymized data set with a top down working application; description of steps you need to organize in the development of an application to perform consistency checks over various data sets in an efficient manner


  • Small groups, revolving cases. Participants are asked to solve cases which are presented in the afternoon of day 1. (afternoon day 1 serves as input for cases day 2).
  • Morning program: plenary sessions, general cases by the consortium
  • Afternoon program: possibility to discuss country specific cases with the trainers (cases need to be handed in two weeks before course start)
Expected Outcome
  • Sound understanding of the basic setup of an LCU.
  • Basic training how to execute consistency checks and solve real world cases.
  • Sound knowledge of steps needed to develop consistency rules and a consistency IT application
Training Methods

Example (please insert what applies to your course): 

  • Presentations and lectures
  • Exchange of views/experiences on national practices
  • Cases


Required Reading 

None. Trainee

Suggested Reading
  • None. 
Required Preparation
  • Trainee countries who wish to make use or the expert group are invited to deliver their cases on forehand for maximum effect. Cases can be handed in until 2 weeks before start of the course 

8 trainers (2 per country of the consortium), 1 coordinator. See details on funding below.

Rooms required:

Day 1: large room (plenary sessions).

Day 2: large room and 3 small rooms. 

FUNDINGESTP budget, remaining budget will be taken from WP4 package LCU grant (as agreed upon per e-mail on 06-08-2019). Mail attached.


Practical Information





Application  via National Contact Point


2 days



Deadline: 12.08.2024