This portal is dedicated to presenting the data and metadata exchange processes and standards that are put in place in the European Statistical System, including validation.

Information in the Data and Metadata exchange is structured in a layered manner, from general aspects to more detailed and technical explanations. The site comprises information that will support readers to:

  • Learn how data and metadata are exchanged across the ESS

  • Discover the standards that are used in the production, transmission and validation of data and metadata

  • Find out about Eurostat tools and learning opportunities that are available

  • Get access to tools documentation, videos and most frequently questions that support self learning

  • Be informed about ongoing cooperation projects

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Find out more about data and metadata exchange and validation processes in the ESS

Discover the main standards being used in data and metadata exchange and validation 

Check out training objectives and content for each available course

Get help getting started with the tools that are part of the data and metadata exchange and validation architecture

Access the answers to the frequently asked questions 

Short videos on key features in our tools

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