Trusted Smart Surveys for Statistics 

Smart Surveys Implementation

Trusted smart surveys have revolutionized data collection by combining traditional survey techniques with modern technological advancements. These surveys intelligently combine self-report questions with smart features collected via sensor-enabled devices such as smartphones, wearables, and other devices, aiming to enhance data quality, reduce burden on participants, and provide more timely and granular data. 

The Smart Survey Implementation (SSI) project seeks to develop, implement, and demonstrate the concept of trusted smart surveys, showcasing a complete, end-to-end data collection process. 

This involves a) engaging citizens as active contributors, b) acquiring, processing and combining data from smart devices, and c) ensuring strong privacy safeguards. 

The project adopts an organizational structure based on smart survey design levels, focusing on Methodology (WP2), IT Architecture (WP3), Logistics (WP4), and Legal-ethical (WP5). By prioritizing this design approach over an application-based structure, the project aims to develop, test, and evaluate smart services through topical and realistic case studies. 

Recognizing the challenge of underestimating dependencies and interactions in a design-level viewpoint, WP1 serves as the link between the various design levels to ensure comprehensive attention to critical aspects.

Project partners

The project is carried out by the following partners and is financed by the European Commission.