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Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Official Statistics (PET4OS)

This page gathers resources and information about innovation-oriented activities carried out by Eurostat in the field of Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Official Statistics (PET4OS).


  • On 13/3/2024 the European Parliament approved an amendment to the Regulation (EC) 223/2009 on European Statistics. The adopted text is available here. The agreed legal text makes explicit reference to Privacy Enhancing Technologies and to "secure infrastructure [...] based on technologies that are specifically designed to comply with [GDPR and EUDPR]".  This follows the adoption by the European Commission of a proposal for revising the European statistics Regulation in order to make it "fit for the future" and "tap the potential of new data sources". The EDPS opinion on the EC proposal was published on 6/9/2023 and is available here
  • On 04/2023 Eurostat published an open call for tender with subject:  Specification, feasibility analysis and prototype demonstration of a multi-party secure private computing system for processing confidential sets of micro-data across organisations in support of statistical innovation (TSS-PET). The submission deadline closed on 31/7/2023. The call documents are available here
  • On 20/1/2023 the European Commission adopted a proposal for a new EU regulation on European statistics on population and housing (ESOP) making explicit reference to Privacy Enhancing Technologies in the (proposed) legal text - see specifically Article 13, Article 14 and Recital (30). The EDPS opinion was published on the ESOP proposal was published on 16/3/2023 and is available here.  


  • Project ESTAT.2019.0232. A project exploring the use of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with hardware isolation for the processing of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) data for official statistics. The project closed in 2021. All deliverables and project reports are publicly available from the project page
  • UNECE HLG-MOS Input Privacy-Preservation project. The Final Report for the project is available here. As part of this project, an open technical consultation was launched on the concept of MultiParty Secure Private Computing-as-a-Service (MPSPCaaS). 





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