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Advanced course on Quality Reporting - 2024


 Advanced Course on Quality Reporting

Course Leader

Giorgia Simeoni

Target Group

  • Staff of National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) and Other National Authorities (ONAs) producing Official Statistics directly involved in the compilation of quality reports or working in quality management and/or quality reporting coordination units.

Entry Qualifications

  • Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions

  • Basic knowledge of statistics and quality in official statistics.


  • The course will enhance participants' methodological and technical knowledge of Quality reporting in the European Statistical System (ESS). Participants will understand and have practical experience on how to prepare detailed quality reports for the different types of statistical processes according to the Single Integrated Metadata Structure (SIMS) V.2.0 and its derived structures ESMS (Euro-SDMX Metadata Structure) and ESQRS (ESS Standard for Quality Report Structure), including how to calculate ESS Quality and Performance indicators. The ESS Metadata Handler, the web application used by Eurostat to collect metadata and quality report from National Statistical Institutes and Other National Authorities producing European statistics, will be presented.


  • Overview of the ESS quality framework; legislation on quality reporting

  • Introduction to reference metadata and quality reporting

  • ESS standards for quality reporting (SIMS, ESMS, ESQRS, ESS Handbook for Quality and metadata Reports – 2020 Edition, ESS Quality and Performance Indicators);

  • Types of statistical processes and differences in quality reporting requirements

  • SIMS and GSBPM

  • Quality reports contents:

    1. Conceptual and methodological metadata (e.g.: statistical presentation, statistical processing, etc.)

    2. Quality dimensions (Relevance, Accuracy and reliability, Timeliness and punctuality, Coherence and comparability, Accessibility and clarity)

  •  3. Quality indicators;

  • ESS technical standards and tools for quality reporting (ESS metadata handler, hints on the use of SDMX for metadata exchange,).

Expected Outcome

  • Participants will be aware of ESS standards for quality reporting and will have some experience in drafting quality reports compliant with such standards.

Training Methods

  • Presentations and lectures;

  • Case studies and examples;

  • Exchange of views and experiences on national practices;

  • Practical exercises on quality reporting.


Required Reading


Suggested Reading

Required Preparation

Participants could be asked to prepare a short presentation on their experience on quality reporting



Giorgia Simeoni

Andrea Bruni

Gabriele Ascari



Practical Information





Application  via National Contact Point


3 days

Rome, Italy

ICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbH

Deadline: 19.02.2024