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National Accounts - Introductory course - 2024

National Accounts - Introductory course 
Course LeaderTuomas ROTHOVIUS and Katri SOINNE
Target Group
  • Junior statisticians of National Accounts (NA) departments or statisticians of other statistical departments dealing with NA statistics.
Entry Qualifications
  • Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions
  • The course aims at enhancing participants' theoretical and practical knowledge of National Accounts. They should become familiar with the system framework, the integration and balancing of source data and the presentation of national accounts data.
  • General features of the System of National Accounts (SNA, ESA)
  • History and future of National Accounts
  • Basic concepts
  • Supply and Use Tables
  • Volume measurement
  • Non-financial sector accounts
  • Financial sector accounts
  • Quarterly national accounts
  • Regional Accounts
  • Satellite Accounts
  • Administrative use of NA in the EU
Expected Outcome
  • Good understanding of the System of National Accounts as well as relations between data sources and national accounts.
Training Methods
  • Lectures and examples
  • Exercises, discussions
  • Group work
  • Exchange of experiences on national practices
Required ReadingNone
Suggested Reading
  • ESA2010 Chapter 1
  • SNA2008 Chapters 1 and 2
Required PreparationNone


Mr Tuomas Rothovius (Statistics Finland)

Ms Katri Soinne (Statistics Finland)

Mr Ville Lindroos (Statistics Finland)

Mr Pekka Tamminen (Statistics Finland)

Mr Teemu Koskiniemi (Statistics Finland)

Mr Timo Ristimäaki (Statistics Finland)

Mr Samu Hakala (Statistics Finland)

Mr Ville Huhtala (Statistics Finland)

Mr Tapio Kuusisto (Statistics Finland)

Leo Hiemstra (CBS Netherlands)

Antonia Martínez Luengo (INE Spain)

Carlos Valero Rodríguez (INE Spain)

Sixto Muriel de la Riva (INE Spain)

Andrés García Carreira (INE Spain)




Practical Information    
WhenDurationWhereOrganiserApplication  via National Contact Point
13-16.05.20244 days



ICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbHDeadline: 18.03.2024