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Introduction to Seasonal Adjustment and JDEMETRA+ - 2024

Introduction to Seasonal Adjustment and JDEMETRA+  
Course LeaderFrancesca Di Iorio 
Target Group

Junior users of seasonal adjustment methods involved in regular/massive data production wishing to enhance their knowledge of the methods and to use the JDEMETRA+ tool in an efficient way.

People currently using TRAMO/SEATS and/or X13 family product and/or old version of DEMETRA/JDEMETRA+ family products aiming at implementing the latest JDEMETRA+ version.

Entry Qualifications

Solid command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions.

Basic experience in using recent version of JDEMETRA+ or other seasonal adjustment tools.


To provide participants with a basic knowledge of the seasonal adjustment methods and tools included in JDEMETRA+

To understand the basic principles of the ESS seasonal adjustment guidelines and to be able to apply them using JDEMETRA+, including for mass production.

To motivate the participants to acquire and advanced knowledge in the various seasonal adjustment methods and in other time series algorithms.


Overview of the ESS guidelines.

Description of the main SA methods.

Step by step use of the SA methods with the graphical interface of JDEMETRA+.

Use of JDEMETRA+ and related tools for mass production

Application to real data


Expected outcome




Participants will be able to use the SA methods implemented in JDEMETRA+ for the purposes of mass production.

They will understand the basic principles of the ESS guidelines and they will be able to apply them correctly using JDemetra+

Training Methods

Presentations and lectures

Case studies on real data sets (also provided by the participants)

“Show and tell” by the participants

Required ReadingParticipants should be familiar with the content of the website 
Suggested Reading

Revised ESS guidelines on seasonal adjustment

Required PreparationParticipants are requested to write a short summary of their activities in their organisation. They are requested to express the reasons and motivation for applying to this training activity and to describe the practices, problems and experiences they face in the field of the course. Participants are strongly invited to practice with recent version of JD+. 


Francesca Di Iorio (Independent Expert)

Duncan Elliott (Independent Expert)



Practical Information    
WhenDurationWhereOrganiserApplication  via National Contact Point
11–13.06.20243 daysCologne, GermanyICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbHDeadline: 15.04.2024