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The European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) aims to improve the skills of European statisticians to meet the challenges of producing and disseminating comparable statistics at the European and international levels.

At a time when disinformation and fake news are proliferating, the role that official statistics play in society has become even more crucial. For this reason, the European Statistical System needs to adapt, evolve, and make sure that new skills and qualifications are acquired to keep up with the realities of the world around us.

The ESTP stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering European statisticians a comprehensive set of training courses, workshops, and seminars. These are designed to train those in Europe who are preparing high quality statistics. Core components include a deep dive into the realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the integration of new data sources into official statistics, and the use of modern data analysis techniques to ensure that statistical methodologies are robust against the complexities of the digital age.

As a cornerstone for improving the quality of both national and European statistics, the ESTP Programme fosters a vibrant community of statistical experts. It is a space for them to come together, share their experiences, and exchange best practices, all the while building a network that transcends borders. These aspects are critical, as a dynamic and relevant training programme plays a significant role in attracting and retaining new talent, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh perspectives and ideas.

To stay in line with the professional needs of today, the ESTP curriculum undergoes regular updates and revisions. It spans an extensive array of subjects, from traditional topics like methodology, quality, dissemination, as well as business, economic, and social statistics, to cutting-edge courses on new data sources, programming languages, and communication strategies. Acknowledging the ever-changing landscape, the programme also embraces a combination of in-person and online sessions, thereby broadening its reach and accessibility.

The 2024 ESTP Programme represents a harmonious blend of theory and practical application. Its proven didactic approach will ensure the highest quality of training for the national statistical offices. As a result, the NSIs will hopefully take advantage of the opportunities provided by the ESTP courses to prepare staff members to tackle future professional challenges with confidence and expertise.


Mariana Kotzeva

Director-General, Eurostat