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Past projects

This page points to archived documentation from past activities and projects. The links below point to deliverables and other public documents from selected projects or work-packages thereof. Documents that are not linked below can be found in the file archive.

  • Feasibility Study on the Use of Mobile Positioning Data for Tourism Statistics, consolidated report 25 June 2014.
  • ESSnet Big Data I (2016-2018). This was the first ESS project focused on the reuse of big data for official statistics. It involved 22 NSI. Deliverables can be found in the respective folders in the file archive
    • WP1 - Webscraping job vacancies
    • WP2 - Webscraping enterprise characteristics
    • WP3 - Smart meters
    • WP4 - AIS data
    • WP5 - Mobile phone data
    • WP6 - Early estimates
    • WP7 - Multiple domains
    • WP8 - Methodology
  • ESSnet Big Data II (2018-2020). This was a follow-up project and involved 28 NSI. Follow the links below to access the final deliverables for WPI and WPK. For the other WPs, refer to the respective folder in the file archive

    • WPA Coordination and dissemination
    • WPB Online Job Vacancies
    • WPC Enterprise Characteristics
    • WPD Smart Energy
    • WPE Tracking Ships
    • WPF Process and Architecture
    • WPG Financial Transactions Data
    • WPH Earth Observation
    • WPI Mobile Networks Data
    • WPJ Innovative Tourism Statistics
    • WPK Methodology and Quality 
    • WPL Preparing Smart Statistics


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